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Height 12.2 in. 31.0 cm
Weight 8.3 lb 3.8 kg
Battery Charger 12/28 V DC or 110/220 V AC
Graphic Display LCD
Length 15.5 in. 39.4 cm
Telemetry Range 1800 ft 550 m
Width 7.5 in. 19.1 cm
Battery Life 6 hours (approx.)
Accuracy ±5% absolute
Power Source DigiTrak NiCad battery pack
Frequency 12 / 1.5 kHz (dual)

Additional Info

- The Eclipse system is the easiest on the market to learn and operate.
- Patented technology makes it both fast and very accurate.
- All new systems are dual frequency capable. Older systems can be upgraded.
- All transmitters are sewer grade with pitch readings in 0.1% increments.
- The locating frequency was designated at such a level because it results in the least amount of interference.
- Programmable target depth and remote steering function.
- Advanced features such as tension monitoring and magnetic steering tool capabilities available as upgrades.

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